I’ve been thinking about some of the strange ideas that Feminism brings up in people’s minds. You’ve got the obvious, if illogical, idea that all feminists are man haters, or that feminism is about giving women more rights than men; rather than equal rights.

These seem to be views mostly held by those who’d rather feminism didn’t exist at all, usually for dubious reasons. But that’s ok, as for the most part those views are held in contempt.

What worries me is the kind of views being held by women who claim to be feminists, but who I can’t help feeling are doing more damage to the cause than they think. For example, I am on a website which has a dedicated feminism section, which normally would be somewhere I’d be happy to stay and converse. However this particular area fills me with fear.

It seems that everything you thought you knew about feminism is wrong.

From this website I have learnt that;

– if a woman is in a sexual relationship where she enjoys a bit of kinky sex play, eg. sub/dom, then she doesn’t actually enjoy it. Yes, you read that right. Even if she does enjoy it, she doesn’t really. She has been preconditioned by a misogynistic society to enjoy kinky sex, and only does so to please men. This is also the case for women in homosexual relationships.

– if a woman is performing to a female audience then really she is performing to a male audience. This is the case for Burlesque, any woman taking off clothes in a performance is doing so to titillate men, even if there are no men there.

In my opinion these views are kind of defeating their cause. It seems that they view all women as being unable to think for themselves and need men to think for them, surely that’s more insulting to women? And not too far off the misogny they claim to hate so much.