I’ve come to a decision. Even if I can’t magic my back better, or sort out the housing situation easily, I can find fulfilling ways to spend my time. So these are my promises to myself;

  • I will attempt to learn German and save the  money for  trip to Germany.
  • I will work with my husband to learn game design
  • I will improve on my web design skills, especially with HTML5 being rolled out.
  • I will write the book I have roughly sketched out, maybe I’ll even illustrate it
  • I will keep up with this blog

Hopefully then, even if I reach the end of the year still struggling to walk, sit up or stand for more than 5 minutes, I will still have achieved something. And maybe I’ll be able to use some of the skills I learn to find work that I can manage even with my physical limits. It should also help stave off the depression, and keep my away from the trich.

So my plan is to write my own 2011, treat it as a CV. This year is my showcase, my chance to let myself shine at something.