I think I’ve just realised why Mumsnet jumping on the “oh-em-gee protect the kidz from teh internetz pron” bandwagon irritates me so damn much.

I’ve spent almost my whole life fighting against the idea that women and tech don’t mix, since I first discovered the joy that is computing. I’ve come up against so much prejudice, arrogance and rudeness that my head has almost exploded, I’ve been patronised by so many idiots who don’t know their HTML from their elbow that I’ve lost count.

I joined a site that is filled (for the most part) with some very knowledgeable women, who will not bow down to stereotypes and will not be passed off as “silly little women”. Then the owners of the site decide to speak on these wonderful women’s behalf, but they do so without showing any signs of intelligence or any ability to take on board any technical facts. Instead they join in based on emotional and moral panic and, like your 1940’s housewife standing on a chair shrieking about a mouse, so MNHQ have leapt onto the nearest bit of furniture screaming.

I’m not happy to be under their umbrella, and I’m especially unhappy that they are seen as representing women. They could have done so much in that area by just pausing to gather some facts, they could have proved that women can be just as techy as men, instead they’ve perpetuated the stereotype that tech is beyond our grasp. I feel really let down.


I’m not the only one bothered by Mumsnet’s backing of this;

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