I’m just watching Beauty & The Beast on 4oD and I’m a little scared. Now I’m someone who loves wearing makeup, and do dislike being seen without my “mask” – but suddenly.. I don’t feel too bad.

This mad woman has started off the show by saying she thought that the disfigured lady was from a circus, what a start!

Sarah, the 50 year old surgery addict who can barely keep her eyes open due to the weight of her makeup, seems to thrive on drama. From the “I was beaten to a pulp” (said in a suitably breathy voice) to her teary declaration that she’s not a bad person.

My heart absolutely goes out to Susan in this, she’s so right that she isn’t ugly and that she shouldn’t have to change. And for that idiot to be sat there going on about how she should think about cosmetic surgery..  it’s absolutely unbelievable.

I think it’s pretty obvious which one of the two would be a joy to spend time with, and which one wouldn’t.