A few new articles for you on the topic of ISP filtering


This article actually goes a little more into depth on SaferMedia, who are backing Ed Vaizey’s campaign.

The Telegraph

Which contains a few more interesting snippets from SaferMedia, apparently, actually caring about factual information is hysterical. An interesting viewpoint I think you’ll agree.

So these lead me to wonder a bit more about SaferMedia, so from their website we are told that their aims and objections are;

The protection of good mental and physical health, in particular of children and young people, by working in accordance with Christian values to minimise the availability of potentially harmful media content displaying violence, pornography and explicit sex, bad language and anti-social behaviour and the portrayal of drugs, and with a view to the reduction of crime

Looking at their email campaign page it also fails to mention any technical information, which is something just about all the pro-filter campaigners have in common. It’s all very well saying we should do something, but latching onto a technical impossibility rather than a technical possibility (eg. education, free software) is nonsensical.

With a company like SaferMedia as well, you have to wonder if they are too bothered about how accurate the filter is. Would it bother them to have all pages/sites about sex blocked, just because some will include porn? Or would they rather have no mention of it, even if it is information on safe sex?

It didn’t take me much digging to discover that Miranda Suit, co-founder of SaferMedia is also involved in a group called “Christian People’s Alliance” who can be read on this page telling their members to vote against the Lib Dems, why? Well, see for yourself.

Why the Christian Peoples Alliance has concerns with Nick Clegg and
the Liberal Democrats…
…whipped votes in Parliament taking away the right of some parents to take their children out of sex education classes
…whipped voted in Parliament in favour of amoral sex education lessons for five-year-olds

Hmm, so no interest in blocking any and all websites about sex for under 18’s? I think not. And yet this government, and Mumsnet, are taking them seriously.