Today it came up in conversation that I miss working, and I do. The life of the non-working may sound picturesque, but in actual fact it is like some bizarre purgatory where you have all the time in the world to do things, but none of the money.

It is boring beyond belief, it is also really miserable, and does no favours for your self esteem.

Unfortunately for me it isn’t as simple as just getting a job, and I miss those days like you wouldn’t believe. Nowadays I have to think about what I can physically manage, which is a huge change from my working days when all I needed to know was if I had to reach up onto high shelves and if so, did they have a ladder which would make up for my 4’10” stature. Even then there were jobs where I disregarded health and safety and climbed the shelves to reach items.

Now I need a job that;

  • Doesn’t mind me needing many days off for medical appointments
  • Doesn’t involve sitting/standing or walking for longer  than about 5 minutes

Little bit difficult to find something that fits that at the moment. I’m well aware that I need to work on my back, but I do live with the fear that it isn’t going to improve. Then what? A life without ever working? I cannot think of anything more miserable!

What I want to do is find some part time work to give me something to do, stop my CV gathering dust, and give me a little extra money. I just need to figure out how.