This wont be a long post as it will have to be written in between laughing fits, but I felt like sharing it. In case you didn’t watch it, on 10 o’clock live tonight they had Bob Crow as a guest. Yes, that’s right, the union boss. Now you may be wondering why he was so funny, as am I. At least I’m hoping he was trying to be funny..

I’m not entirely sure how he got the conversation round to it, but he decided to impress us all with his amazing idea for paying down the deficit. His scheme is as simple as he is. People should be taxed 1p for every email they send.

No really, catch your breath for a minute..

He thinks that somehow that would be enforceable, and he thinks it would stop spam. Now I’m sure (or at least hope) that I don’t need to explain why it isn’t and it wont.

But I leave you with these questions..

1 – Has he sent any money to Nigerian’s who told him they had money to transfer to him?

2 – Does he think that AOL/Microsoft/the man in the moon donates money for ever chain mail he sends on?

Either way, just for Mr Crow, a present..