Everyone must have had one of these, “Hi there, this isn’t a sales call, I’d just like to talk to you about our new service..”

They are fooling no one but they try anyway, all the tricks they can think of. We had one a while back which was aimed at us due to my husband’s photography and my web design. They wanted to help us get more business, increase profits, gain exposure, etc. But how did they propose to achieve this?

“If you just sign up with us..”

They wanted to give us “thousands of pounds worth” of vouchers if we’d just sign up with them. How could we go wrong?

For one thing, those vouchers were either discounts we were able to get anyway on the internet, or would only really benefit the company who were trying to get us signed up. Essentially the website they wanted to give us access to was a giant link share, with no real benefit to us. We of course said thanks, but no thanks.

So imagine my surprise when I find out that our darling government in all their wisdom (snigger) have decided to endorse one of these schemes. Not only that, but at least these other companies are likely to have checked their websites for malware, rather than doing a half arsed attempt at it.

There are many more issues, but I think I will leave you with a much more literate evaluation from PostDesk