I believe that the Tarot cards work, there, I’ve said it.

I’m sure now that some of you are shaking your heads and denouncing me as a fool, other are nodding vigorously, and the rest of you are are just sitting back to see what unfolds.

This is going to be a long post, but I imagine by the end of it the first two groups will have swapped sides.

First of all, I have caveats.

I believe it only works;
a) if the tarot deck is tidy before hand. Every card in it’s place, not random.
b) if the person getting the reading does the shuffling

I also believe that it works better if the “client” knows and loves Tarot already. I should point out that my own experience with the Tarot backs this up.

To make you understand my point of view I have to start at the beginning.

You know the Tarot.

Yes, you. All of you. Even if you think you don’t.

Try these questions for a start
– What does The Lovers mean?
– What does Death mean?
– What does The Fool mean?
– What number card do you think Death is?
– In a deck of cards numbered 0 to 21, which one do you think means “new”, “beginning”?
– Which one means “whole”, “full circle”?

I imagine you answered all these easily.
(For the curious, the answers are, Relationships, End, Foolishness/Carelessness, 13, 0 and 21.)

You could even answer the more obscure ones with a little thought.

– What does The Tower mean?
– What does The Moon mean?
– What does The Hanged Man mean?

For these you’d probably think

– Tower -> Famous moral tower -> Tower of Babel -> Lack of communication
– Moon -> Tides -> Changeable, or Moon -> Lunar -> Lunacy -> Unreliable/Dangerous
– Hanged Man -> “I’ve seen this card, isn’t he hanging my the foot?” -> Myth with a man hanging by a foot -> Odin/Norse mythology -> “Why did he do that?” -> To learn/sacrifice

And the best part of these is, you don’t even need to consciously think them through. Somewhere in the maze of your subconscious you’ll get those references, and apply them without thinking. Maybe you wont be able to explain them, or recall them easily, but they are there. Your mind is fascinating like that.

So you can read the Major Arcana, and have probably got a pretty good grasp (subconsciously) of where they all are in order. Of course, numbers have meanings too, you’ll know that as well.

But what about the Minor Arcana, “Eight of Wands” etc?

You know that too.

Think you don’t?

Try and guess what the four suits mean, Cups, Swords, Coins/Pentacles, Wands. Some of you may be feeling smug that you don’t know about two of them, probably Cups and Wands if I’m right?

But you’re wrong.

You’ve seen a normal deck of cards right?

Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs? Admit you knew they correlated. Now you know the other two.

Cups = Hearts = Relationships
Swords = Spades = Conflict
Coins/Pentacles = Diamonds = Finances
Wands = Clubs = (Bit more obscure) Growth

But let’s explain that last one, Clubs = made of wood = trees = growth.

Yep, you’ve got them all!

And you know the numbers too.
2 = relationships
7 = good things

So, like I said

You know the Tarot.

What’s more, you know where every card sits in the pack.

And when you shuffle, your subconscious knows where you’ve moved them all to.

There’s a reason a certain few Tarot spreads are used over and over, it’s because they work.

But why? Because they are known.
You know that in a 3 card spread, card 1 = past, card 2 = present, and card 3 = future.

You even know the more complex Celtic Cross spread. You’ll have seen it on countless TV shows, if not in real life.

So when you shuffle, you know which cards will go where, and what they mean! Of course it’s accurate, it’s telling you what you already know! You told it to!

There is always room for error of course, which is why readings for Tarot lovers are better, they really know the cards meanings, and (more importantly) the relationships between cards. My readings are almost always spot on (as long as I don’t get distracted while shuffling).

Here’s some things that don’t work

– The cards can’t tell your future. They might be able to tell you what might happen. But then, so could flipping a coin. Hardly reliable. Though, knowing the cards, means you are more likely to get something that you believe is likely.

– A reading without you being involved will not work. Or more accurately, it will work, but only in bits, and only because chance dictates it’s going to get it right sometimes. I’m willing to do ONE cold reading to prove this, but only on the condition that you are brutally honest, and point out all the wrong or too vague bits of the reading. I also wont pick anyone I believe is biased towards ignoring the wrong bits.

Tarot can be wonderful, and I’ve found that when I’m struggling to think straight, the Tarot has been a wonderful way to get my head straight and look at things afresh. I’d highly recommend buying a deck and doing your own readings, it’s cheaper and more reliable than paying someone else.

The Tarot is wonderful, but at the end of the say, it’s pretty bits of paper. The real power is in your head, use that instead.