Getting into the Hallowe’en spirit early this year, so to start off some spooky themed posts I thought I’d share my favourite horror movies.

Black Sheep

Because you just cannot go wrong with a film about zombie sheep!

Happiness of the Katakuris

It’s a Japanese musical, with zombies. So bizarre it has to be seen to be believed.

Shaun of the Dead

Unsurprisingly this film is now a classic, and I’ve seen the scene with the pool cues and Queen on the jukebox acted out at every single Zombie pub crawl I’ve ever been on.

28 Days Later

I was excited about this long before it came out, and was very glad when it lived up to expectations.

The Tingler

Definitely my favourite horror film, so cheesey and so good.

House on Haunted Hill

The original is by far the best, this is Vincent Price at his best.

Dawn of the Dead

Again, the original is the best.

The Orphanage

Genuinely frightening Spanish film

Blair Witch Project

A controversial choice, I found this terrifying, though it didn’t stand up to a TV viewing. Definitely best in cinema.


I never get tired of zombie films, and this is another star in the comedy/horror genre.

My Bloody Valentine

I never expected to enjoy this, but I really did.

The Grudge

The girl in it is beyond creepy, moves in a wonderful way.

Carry on Screaming

“Do you mind if I smoke?”

Young Frankenstein

I laughed so much I cried at this.