How I created this image

I started off with this photo

I start by blocking in main areas of colour, in this case skin and hair.

Then I start to add layers of shadows into the image

Followed by any other details (eg. tattoos)

I then add any highlights.

And a shadow to the hair.

Next I block in the dress itself

And then block in the pattern

To make the pattern really stand out I add a simple outline to all the pattern shapes

Next I add the ribbon.

To this I add shading and highlights

Then I add any other details (eg. buttons and chiffon)

Then I add a subtle shadow to the dress.

Followed by highlights.

Next step is to block in the facial features.

Then adding shading to them

After that I add pupils, irises and eyelashes to the eyes.

Then I add more detail (eg. highlights and reflections)

Then I finish it all off with a background gradient, flower and jewellery.