Never sure what to write on these About pages, but feel I should put something here.  I suspect my blog posts will cover some random content, so I thought I’d put a brief summary of me on here. This blog exists mainly as somewhere to vent, part of the joy of struggling with depression is that the thoughts are extraordinarily boring to listen to, hard to talk about, but essential to get off your chest.

So my name is Kat, at the time of writing this I’m 26 – though approaching 27 faster than I am strictly happy with. I’ve struggled with depression and self harm since I was about 15, and have recently discovered an alarming tendency towards trichotillomania (see blog post).

I enjoy web design and graphic design, in fact, see that picture above? That’s one of mine.

I’m recently married to an incredibly talented photographer, and we got married in style at Whipsnade Zoo.

We own (at present) 5 gorgeous female rats, and intend to own more, as they are such beautiful, friendly animals