How I create my graphics

How I created this image

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This is Hallowe’en

Getting into the Hallowe’en spirit early this year, so to start off some spooky themed posts I thought I’d share my favourite horror movies.

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The Secrets of the Tarot

I believe that the Tarot cards work, there, I’ve said it.

I’m sure now that some of you are shaking your heads and denouncing me as a fool, other are nodding vigorously, and the rest of you are are just sitting back to see what unfolds.

This is going to be a long post, but I imagine by the end of it the first two groups will have swapped sides.

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Intelligent Design?

With the information coming out about the Hargreaves Review, I couldn’t help but notice that they are once again talking about implementing the Orphan Works clause previously thrown out of the Digital Economy Act.

I have to say here that you are likely to get more technical reasons as to why the Orphan Works clause from the British Journal of Photography. However, here is a quick summary, just to put the rest of my post into perspective.

An “Orphan Work” is any creative work for which the creator is unknown. The government has been considering allowing people to pay them (the government) a fee in order to use these orphan works, whereas currently you would still need to get the creators permission in order to use the work. Of course they’ve said that people need to prove they’ve made “reasonable attempts” to find the creator, but what constitutes a “reasonable” attempt, and how strict they’ll be when they stand to profit by not being strict..

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More inspirational artwork

It seems the only blog post getting any attention is my other inspirational artwork post, so thought I’d share some more with you.

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I was reminded the other day of a trip I went on when I was 18, organised by my college. At the time it was awful, but looking back it is quite funny.

I thought I’d share it with you.

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Hi, this isn’t a sales call..

Everyone must have had one of these, “Hi there, this isn’t a sales call, I’d just like to talk to you about our new service..”

They are fooling no one but they try anyway, all the tricks they can think of. We had one a while back which was aimed at us due to my husband’s photography and my web design. They wanted to help us get more business, increase profits, gain exposure, etc. But how did they propose to achieve this?

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